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Viktor has Cowden is a colorful and plain (reading) book. It tells a story of Victor, a happy toddler who is born with Cowden’s syndrome.

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“Wilona finds out that Victor is a very special and unique friend. Victor is born with Cowden syndrome. Victor tells here why he has such a big head. Why he sometimes acts a bit strange. Why he skips school so often… . And Victor discovers that he has a wonderful girlfriend that helps him and supports him in everything which entails Cowdens”

Cowden’s syndrome is very rare. The writer of this children’s book has a son with this syndrome. He was still very young, when classmates and friends started to make comments about his appearance and behavior. He and his big brother also started to ask questions about the frequent doctor’s appointments and the many hours of revalidation therapies. But there isn’t a lot of  understandable information for children available. That’s why she decided to write a children’s book about what Cowden is and its effect on the life of a Cowden’s patient and his family. It’s a colorful and plain (reading)  book for children, parents, teachers and caregivers.

Also available in Dutch.

Meer informatie op www.hetcowdensyndroom.com

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